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Christian Apologetics Questions and Answers

The term ‘Christian apologetics’ doesn’t refer to apologizing (or saying ‘sorry’) for being a Christian. It comes from the Greek word ἀπολογία (apología) meaning defence. The Greek term refers to a reasoned defence that would be given in a court of law. The classic example is Plato’s Apology, Socrates’ defence against the charges of atheism and corrupting the youth.

Christian apologetics is the reasoned defence of the Christian faith against objections, but also includes the setting forth of positive grounds for Christianity. It is the duty of all Christians, because:

Key articles

Why bother defending the faith?

Are people actually saved as a result of apologetics?

General apologetics topics

Christian apologists

Is there any biblical basis for New Age beliefs or Reincarnation?

How does Christianity differ from Islam and modern Judaism?

How can we defend absolute truth and morality?

Are near death experiences real?

Quantum mechanics — What is it, and how does it fit with the Bible?

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