Life from space?

Unlikely … Let’s wait and see

by Carl Wieland and Jonathan Sarfati

The world’s media is abuzz with the claim that life forms have been found coming in on the Earth from outer space. This is said to reinforce the belief that life has evolved in space and ‘seeded’ the Earth.

This preliminary response was prepared prior to our being able to access original papers, but what we have been able to gather so far is as follows.

Did life really arise from a ‘primordial soup’?

What was actually found? The Scotsman (31 July 2001) reported:

‘A fluorescent dye which is only taken up by the membranes of living cells was used to detect the presence of the organisms. Electron microscope images revealed coral-like clumps of material measuring between five and 15 micrometres across. … “…we have detected between one and 10 clumps of these bacteria per litre of ambient air.”’

However, note the following:


In one sense we don’t have enough information to even warrant responding yet, but with all that media attention, Christians will be asking us about it sooner rather than later.

If these are bacteria, and it seems a big ‘if’ at present, it remains to be seen whether they indeed originated from outer space. If so, then knowing the incredible complexity of even the simplest living thing, they must also be the product of creation. Nevertheless, in the ‘big picture’ of the Bible, it would be an exceedingly strange thing to expect life forms in outer space. Our deep skepticism on this claim has both a scientific and a Biblical basis.

As our subtitle said, though, ‘let’s wait and see’. Meanwhile, check out the articles on Q&A: Alien Life/UFOs.