Question evolution!

A grassroots movement to challenge the anti-Christian dogma of evolution

by Don Batten

Published: May 4, 2011
Question evolution

Get involved in questioning evolution!

What is the Question Evolution campaign? This grasroots campaign involves people empowering people to stand firm together against the evolutionary indoctrination so rampant in our schools, universities and media. You can encourage your friends to ‘Question evolution’—especially if you are a student who is being force-fed evolutionary dogma.

Get involved yourself and get your church involved as well—let us work together to spread the truth.

What good questions can you ask? Our exciting ‘Question evolution’ tract, 15 Questions for Evolutionists, provides 15 critically important questions that evolutionists cannot adequately answer. Share them with your friends, family and fellow students. These attractive tracts [view / order] are very affordable, or print your own from our downloadable PDF document [plain A4-size, plain letter-size]. See a web page of the complete 15 Questions including links to further reading and references.

Students certainly should question Darwinism in their schools and encourage others to do it too—after all, don’t teachers urge students to “question everything”? Students have a right to question the evolutionary pseudoscience peddled to them.

You can also get shirts, hats and caps, bags, mugs, stickers or badges printed with “Question evolution! /” or “Evolution—The greatest hoax on Earth? / Get the facts at”.

Wearing Question evolution! clothing will clearly show your opposition to evolutionary dogma. Christian students can wear these shirts or caps at their high schools, colleges/universities, or when ‘hanging out’ with friends.

By simply sharing a tract or wearing a shirt, cap or badge, others will visit and find out the truth, empowering them to reject the lie that “everything made itself without God”. Christ as our Creator and Redeemer sets people free!

Get involved in this grassroots revolt against the force-feeding of everyone with evolutionary ‘there-is-no-need-for-God’ thinking.

Visit the CMI webstore to order very affordable Question Evolution! resources available in your country. You can make your own shirts, caps, etc., or arrange your own supplier (e.g. VistaPrint is easy and affordable), using our free downloadable artwork, pdf and jpg versions available.

For students who have to wear a uniform, you can put a sticker on your bag or books, or wear a badge. Others can use the special Question evolution! coffee mug or badge at their work place.

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