Refuting Evolution 2

Refuting Evolution 2 Index

A sequel to Refuting Evolution that refutes the latest arguments to support evolution (as presented by PBS and Scientific American).

by Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. with Michael Matthews

Table of Contents


Unit 1. Claim: Evolution is Science

Evolutionists insist that evolutionary theory is science, and claim that creationism is religion.

Chapter 1: Argument: Creationism is religion, not science

Chapter 2: Argument: Evolution is compatible with Christian religion

Chapter 3: Argument: Evolution is true science, not ‘just a theory’

Unit 2. Claim: Evolution is well supported by the evidence

Evolutionists claim that they have found abundant, observable evidence of evolution.

Chapter 4: Argument: Natural selection leads to speciation

Chapter 5: Argument: Some mutations are beneficial

Chapter 6: Argument: Common design points to common ancestry

Chapter 7: Argument: ‘Bad design’ is evidence of leftovers from evolution

Chapter 8: Argument: The fossil record supports evolution

Unit 3. Claim: ‘Problems’ with evolution are illusory

Evolutionists argue that there are reasonable theories for even the biggest ‘surprises’ of evolution.

Chapter 9: Argument: Probability of evolution

Chapter 10: Argument: ‘Irreducible complexity’

Chapter 11: Argument: Evolution of sex

Chapter 12: Argument: Evolution of mankind

Appendix 1: Common arguments for evolution that have been rejected

Appendix 2: Common arguments for creation that should not be used